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This baby, just maybe?


The Word became flesh, but what does that mean?
Well let’s gather round the nativity scene.
Tea towels on heads and tinsel in hair
For the heavenly hosts that were all gathered there.
Proud tears, Christmas cheer of mother’s whose hearts are full.
And so we go into the stable, into the cradle.
We see baby Jesus lying in the manger,
Cushioned with straw and free from all danger,
His smiling face, held in Mary’s embrace,
Proclaiming goodwill to all men.
Warm and endearing and charming is he,
But is this the saviour he came here to be?

We sing that this baby no crying he makes,
But four hundred years of silence he breaks.
The almighty God, says Isaiah,
Could this be the one, the chosen Messiah?

Who could fit the magnitude of God in a child?
He’s tiny and weak, vulnerable and fragile,
But every atom in the universe was his to compile.
A tiny baby who can’t even stand,
And yet as he lay there, holds the world in his hands.

The journey, the lodging, the birth, it wasn’t plain sailing,
To come down to a Kingdom where sin is prevailing.
But love isn’t failing.
Love isn’t failing because God is unchanging.
This baby, just maybe, the saviour of the world.
Starting a perfect life of no resistance,
While Mary holds him in her hands, he holds her in existence.

Yes he is King, but not as we know,
The Prince of Peace who came here to show
That splendour and majesty although his to enjoy,
Are not the comforts of this little boy.

To a world that is broken, ugly and torn,
A baby that’s weak and helpless is born.
A beggar, an outcast, a refugee,
Was born for those now to set them free,
This little baby born from shame and disgrace,
Finds us in ours as we meet face to face.
He didn’t come with all earthly glory,
Shouting from the rooftops his heavenly story,
But came as man with man to dwell,
So we can see and his story tell.

So how did we get from that first Christmas night,
With the star of Bethlehem shining so bright,
To our world that is shaky, hazy, uncertain,
To a people that are broken, messy and hurting?
From shepherds and wise men and angels and sheep,
To a world that spins on hate crime and angry tweets?
But love isn’t failing, because God is unchanging.
Because the baby came in the muck, mess and grime
The light of the world, his light, to shine.  
Because in my pain, he knows my name,
He’s walked on this earth and been through the same,
And more than comfort he takes all the blame.
So put away the cuteness of the nativity
And come to the muck of the manger and see.
Let us never lose our wonder and awe
At this little baby who was born in the straw,

So we can stand here and say, “it is well”,

God is with us,