Monthly Archives: November 2018

More than this


There has to be something more than this.

How often are we left thinking this? When life gets really busy. When things are overwhelming.  Even just in the every day. In the lead up to Christmas when the weeks are spiralling away from us, it’s December before you know it and suddenly we realise all the things we haven’t yet done.

You’re losing control, losing control of what this world has become, where your happiness lies, where your worth stems from. There has to be something more than this.

A simple answer would be yes there is, something that’s greater, someone who is.

A couple of weeks ago, I was reminded again how true this is. We had a week of events on campus, each one looking at this question and exploring the gospel. It can be easy to forget just how exciting this really is when you’re stuck in the middle of every day life. In this More Than week, I was reminded of the excitement of the gospel by people who didn’t even know it. People coming in, desperate to have their questions answered, to get stuck into the scriptures and not just hear the gospel but really experience it.

What was really exciting was seeing people there I’ve been praying for each week but never before met. The students I know and love growing in their faith and keen to share it with those around them. The daily reminder of outrageous love, that there is so much more than this life. Someone came in saying, ‘I see just how much love you all put into these events and I’ve got to know why.’ What a question to be asked! What a testiment to the week! We love because He first loved us. He loved us with a love than can be so alien to the world that leaves us thinking there must be more. So often I forget how lucky we are to be able to do this, to be a part of this.

Born to be a sacrifice, to carry a cross, he spoke it is finished, it’s over, he lost. Well, that’s what they thought. Jesus has risen, he died in your place, you’re rescued, forgiven, saved by grace. Jesus has risen, as God said it would be, he’s generous and loving, we’re abundantly free. When you choose to know Jesus, there’s no perfect candidate, he came to save the lost, the broken, the inadequate.

It really was such a joy to see students reaching out, lots of them for the first time, experiencing the thrill of mission as someone comes to know Jesus. And they weren’t the only ones going in slightly scared, this was my first misison at this university and while I’m still very much still muddling my way through, how comforting it is to know that Jesus came to save the lost, the broken, the inadequate, and not only that, delight in working with them in misison. This still baffles me each time I think of it, particuarly in a week like this, how much easier it would be for God to build the Kingdom without us, without me. When I fail and mess up and say the wrong thing and miss the opportunity as I so often do. When I’m scared and don’t think I can do it and don’t understand why He would want me involved. But this is where my happiness lies, this is where my wealth stems from.

Because he is more than suffering, identity, success, Jesus is more than life’s big test. This world will bring wonders that we all strive to attain but for me to live is Christ and to die is gain.* 🙂

*Words taken from Edge Hill student, More Than promo video