One Team, One Dream


This year I have seen incredible blessings and miracles and people coming to faith and often wake up and can’t believe this is my job! I get to meet with people as they meet with Jesus and share the joy over a coffee, go to baptisms of students that have decided to give their lives to Christ and share the treasures of the gospel with wonderful young people. And the best bit is, I get to do this for the next three years. I have the privilege of carrying on in this exciting work in helping students know the joy of Jesus.

University really is such a wonderfully unique time that goes far too quickly. Thousands of students coming from all over the country and the world wanting to find out who they are and what they believe. What a hope we have to offer. And we’ve heard it a thousand times, universities shape cultures. Full of the next doctors, teachers, lawyers and solicitors; psychologists, councilors, accountants and engineers; artists, writers, academics and designers. It’s a cliché, but only because it’s true. What if we could bring the gospel to universities and see the gospel shaping culture? What if we could meet far corners of the earth from our very doorstep as international students bring the gospel back to their own nations?

But it’s not always easy and we’re not going at it alone. It’s not our mission, we’re just invited to join. This year we had our most fruitful and exciting mission week I have seen and I strongly believe this is because it was defined by prayer. So many people across the country committed to praying for this, meeting up on a regular basis to pray for us and the students here in Lancaster and what we were doing. Students who, when asked about an 8am daily prayer meeting, responded by coming half an hour early every morning to worship the Lord before giving the day to him in prayer.

And this really has been the theme of my whole year. We’re not going in solo but part of a massive mission team and I am hugely grateful for everyone who has been praying for me and generously supporting me. This year, I’m blown away by kindness nearly on a daily basis. How humbling to have so many people joining and supporting me and the people in Lancaster. I personally find it strangely amazing to be praying for people I don’t even know, knowing I probably never will until we stand together in the Kingdom. What a thought! To be meeting with people you’ve never seen this side of glory and finding out you’ve been a part of each other’s journeys all along! And to think of all the people praying for the people I’ve met and known now – what a marvellous thing prayer is.

I’m super excited about what is still to come and getting to work with more universities and lovely students and very excited about all that God is going to do. It’s still quite scary but I am just one part in such a great team and I love it. Throughout the Bible we see God’s people selflessly providing for God’s people; Israelites giving inheritance to the Levites as they work in the tabernacle, Disciples going out without a spare shirt for their back as they go from house to house, churches from far afield supporting Paul in his ministry as he brings the word far and wide. How amazing to be a part of such a family. This is the Kingdom coming, ‘Freely you have received, freely give.’ This is something I have been blessed enough to experience first hand and pass on next year as I join in others’ missions too. Because ultimately we are one team with one dream: To make Jesus known. 🙂


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