Monthly Archives: December 2017

My Treasure


I’m not really one for forward planning. At least not in the long term, it’s not my greatest asset. But God is the King of forward planning and nothing demonstrates this better than the Christmas story. From the beginning of time, this story was planned. In fact, there are 39 books of the Bible all acting as a trailer before Jesus comes to earth. Much like this life is acting as one long trailer for what comes next. Although that’s the thing, it’s not long, and I’m not very good at planning for it. I’m not very good at committing to things, maybe because things in this world are so fragile, so fleeting.

But God was committed. He was committed to the fragile and the fleeting. He was committed from the very beginning to come down to our earth as the great hymn writer Charles Wesley tells us ‘pleased as man with man to dwell’. What a precious gift. The question is, what do we do with this gift now? Where are we going to keep our treasure? We’re in that week between Christmas and New Year that I absolutely love. The excitement has come and now we get to eat all the leftover food, spend time with the family and we get to play with all our new toys. I think it’s my favourite time of year. We are living in the light of Christmas. And I get to just enjoy the best gift of all.

But as I look forward to New Year, I’ve got a lot of big decisions to make. I want to enjoy my treasure looking ahead to New Year and beyond. I hope at some point to get better at forward planning but something I’ve learnt so poignantly this year is that I am investing in a much greater future, a much longer future and a much more exciting future. That’s a future I want to plan for. But just how do I store my treasure in Heaven? I’ve recently come across a song that I think answers this question so beautifully. It’s called So Will I and as I plan my New year’s Resolutions, I think this makes a pretty good list.

If the stars were made to worship, so will I.
If creation sings your praises, so will I.
If it all reveals your nature, so will I.
If creation still obeys you, so will I.
If the mountains bow in reverence, so will I.
If the oceans roar your greatness, so will I.
For if everything exists to lift you high, so will I.
If the wind goes where you send it, so will I.
If the rocks cry out in silence, so will I.

If you left the grave behind you
If you gladly chose surrender
If you gave your life to love them

So will I.*

Like the stars I was made to worship, like creation I was made to reveal your nature, like the ocean I was made to roar your greatness and like the wind I want to go where you send me. You left the grave behind you, gladly choosing surrender to give your life to love. That’s some New Year’s resolution. I absolutely love this time of year, living in the light of Christmas, while everything is still new and exciting. While the gifts are freshly opened and peace and joy dominate with smiles all round. Much like the wind, I don’t know where life will take me this year and it will involve, like any time, some relatively significant decisions but I’m slowly learning to plan for a different future and what a way to enjoy the treasure of Christmas. 🙂

*Words taken from Hillsong So Will I