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The Adventures of a Whit Friday Gingerbread Man


Once upon a time, in the Land of Far Far Away, Gingy, little gingerbread man, was found wandering the streets of Saddleworth. Little Gingy was fresh from the oven and after hours of careful decoration had three shiny green gumdrop buttons and swirly blue icing round her arms, legs and tummy. As she walked around, Gingy found many other fairytale friends including three little piggies, two dronkeys and a big bad wolf. Their quest: to bring their sweet music to six villages around the land of Saddleworth before the clock strikes twelve. The little gingerbread man had been dunked repeatedly in tea and coffee and was scared that if it rained she might break and end up in a puddle on the floor. But the sun was shining as she marched through the first village smelling like a burnt coffee cake and Gingy and all of her fairytale friends played their instruments and banged their drums as they made happy music for all in the village. But as all of her fears of rain melted away, so did her icing! Poor Gingy’s icing started to fall off as she clung desperately to her gumdrop buttons.

But as little Gingy and her friends made their way through the next village, she knew that she could still make happy music despite her decoration. So once again they marched through the next village playing their instruments and banging their drums. In the centre of the village square, they put on a performance to the cheer of all the villagers before moving onto the next village to share their cheer.

Determined to keep their spirits up, the fairytale folk got merrier and merrier sharing their music in the land of Saddleworth. In the third village, they ran into some mermaids and other Under the Sea friends pursuing the same quest. Gingy and her friends listened and sang along as they played sharing in the joy they brought from their home in the depths of the sea. By the fourth village, word of their music had spread far and wide. People from all across the land had travelled to come and hear the tunes of the fairytale folk and Under the Sea friends. But time was running short now with two villages still to go!

Gingy, her fairytale folk and her new Under the Sea friends all made their way to the next village but by this time they had walked far and long and with only little legs of gingerbread, they were getting thirsty. Little Gingy and her giant gingerbread friend, Mongo, decided to take a trip to the market to refuel. At the market they saw lots of wonderful things including sweet confectionary all around and decided to take some for the journey. Gingy however did not have any coins to pay for it, but, desperately wanting the sweet treats, Mongo discussed his plans with his little gingerbread friend but somewhere along the line they misunderstood each other and confusion arose. Mongo didn’t know if his coins would be enough and mistakenly trusted little Gingy to have an alternative plan. They left the market with their array of goods but when Mongo took out his coins to repay little Gingy they realised that neither of them had payed the market seller anything at all! They knew they had to go back but time was shorter now than it ever had been before and all their fairytale friends said there was no time for the trek back. Distraught by their criminal activity though, Gingy and Mongo ran across the village to settle their debt shouting ‘run run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m a gingerbread man!’

Now contented in their hearts but tired and out of breath, Gingy and Mongo ran all the back only to find that all their friends had gone! Alone and sad Gingy and Mongo, searched desperately for their friends but they were nowhere to be seen. As they trekked down the perilous road the darkness closed in around them. Vision became obscured as night descended and they were scared they would never find their friends! But as they carried on through the night they saw a flash of red from Little Red Riding Hood’s cape in the distance. They ran towards their friends, only to find out that when they got there they did not have any instruments! The fairytale folk were all ready and in position to play their music for the fifth village while Gingy and Mongo made the treacherous journey across the village once more to reclaim their instruments. By the time they were reunited for the second time, instruments in hand, they were very much out of puff and hardly able to play! If only they had been with the big bad wolf, he would have had enough puff! But they made it.

Time was running out for the last village though and they didn’t think they would make it to finish their quest. They all went as fast as their little legs would carry them but sadly, by the time they walked into the last village, it was too late to play. Their Under the Sea friends however, were further on with their quest and as they were reunited in the last village, the fairytale folk sat back and listened to the joyful tunes of their friends finishing the quest. They may not have made it in time to play their own music but as the clock struck midnight, and they made their way back, Gingy was content to have played and heard a lot of good music surrounded by all of her friends.

But that’s not the end of the story! Gingy, Mongo and the fairytale folk made their way back to their home in the swamp in the Land of Far Far away. They were all very very tired and ready to fall right into bed but as they got there, they found rocks blocking the front door! They pushed and they shoved and they rattled the door but there was no way of getting in! They were on their last legs after a long day and thought they would never get home. The Frog Prince however took one for the team and hopped all the way round the swamp until he found a secret entrance round the back. The Frog Prince squeezed through the gap and hopped to the front door, single handedly opening it from the inside and saving the day. It had been a long and fun day, getting scorched by the sun, running across six villages and losing their friends but in the end they all made it safely home and lived happily ever after.

This my friends is a (relatively) true story of a poorly constructed costume, accidental shoplifting and, as always, banding banter as our band made our way to the Whit Friday marches, marching down the streets of Saddleworth to ‘All Star’ dressed as the cast from Shrek. Feat. A white t shirt stained with tea, coffee and soy sauce, some very understanding shop assistants and some less than inspired builders that managed to cement gravel across the front door while we were gone 🙂