Monthly Archives: April 2017

Firsts and Lasts


I can’t quite believe I’m walking into my final term at university. At this time, lots of people are thinking about things they will be doing for the last time. I plan on spending the term cramming in all the things I haven’t done in the last two and a half years. While this may be my last term, it will be one of firsts.

From rapping, yes rapping, at a Christian conference last weekend to buying red apples this week, I’m already doing things I never thought I’d do and I’m sure there are still plenty more things to try that I haven’t even thought of yet. I don’t want to rule things out just because it’s my last term as a student. Yes,this term may feel like work, work, work with more words due in than I actually know but that doesn’t mean it has to be all finishing off and saying goodbye. With so many things explored over the past couple of years, there are still so many things to do and do for the first time. There are still so many coffee shops and restaurants that need trying, meerkats in the local park that need visiting. Some of the most exciting things I’ve been able to do have all started as a joke or far off dreams I never imagined actually occurring. Putting on a carol service in a castle for example. I also got the opportunity to share part of my university testimony for the first time this weekend which was amazing. As much of a bruised reed or smouldering wick that I am, it was such an answer to prayer. This incidentally was the same weekend I also performed my first ‘solo’ with OneSound. It was a song we knew well and starts with a beautiful slow solo voice. They of course had someone in place for this as we sound checked for the performance but it turns out this song also has a rap… And so, with a ribbon in my hair and juice box in hand, for the first time, I became the most street in Scarborough Spa pavilion.

One week into term and there are already always new things to try. A lot of these are definitely best kept as a one hit wonder as recently discovered, but who knows what else you might discover? I realised I had joined a new society every year at university. This year: Ballroom. This might sound crazy but after my recent Strictly experience, for one week and one week only I have joined the ballroom dancing society. And, one thing I haven’t yet done at university? Roses. According to some semi-reliable guys on the internet, Roses is the largest inter-university sports tournament in Europe including over 50 sports, held between Lancaster University and the University of York, all stemming from the War of the Roses hundreds of years ago. And now somehow, due to lack of partners, naive optimism and a small amount of  peer pressure, I have found myself on the road to Roses. I realised a few days ago that I hadn’t actually dabbled in ballroom at all and much like the jive, it’s a lot harder than it looks. However I now have a few days to learn to waltz, cha cha, charleston and jive my way to York to tick off one more thing on the university checklist and if nothing else, as with my summary of most things this year, it’ll be banter at least.

Thankfully I have the privilege of being back up in this neck of the woods next year but for now, it seems there are still many things to be having fun with. I want to go to the beach, BBQ in the park, visit Blackpool tower. I may soon be saying goodbye to studenthood but I’m happy to be saying hello to a whole host of other things 🙂