Monthly Archives: March 2017

Running the Race


‘So, have you got any plans for next year yet?’ Yes. Yes, I have and I can’t wait. This time last year I had literally no idea what I would be doing after I graduate, a theme that continued throughout a lot of this year, but I can now say I have a plan and it’s a plan I’m very excited about. I’m going to be a Relay worker.

Relay is a training year of studying and working with a Christian Union at university, with the organisation UCCF. I thought about this for a long time, asking more questions than I thought were possible wondering if this is what I want to do, but once I knew, I didn’t really look for anything else. There are many reasons why I want to do Relay, more than I can list here but one in particular. On Sunday we asked the children in our church kids group what their biggest fears were. Among spiders, insects, heights, clowns and black holes, one eight-year-old said walking away from God. At eight years old, this boy knew the importance and joy of walking with God, something I want to know more of. As I walked into my interview I was very scared but the news that came that evening was very exciting and I feel like this may be the theme for this year and here’s why.

This is a year of discipleship training, I’m going to be trained for a year in following Jesus. I will have the opportunity to study not only the Bible but also an area of ministry of my choice. I will also be accountable to a supervisor for the year, helping me in my walk with God, or to use that wonderfully church phrase ‘do life together’. Again, cards on the table, this sounded mildly terrifying but basically, this just means there is someone who cares enough to invest a year of their life in me supporting me and helping me get closer to Jesus. What a privilege that is.

It is also a self funded year, or more precisely, funded by the generosity of others. Again, this sounds fearfully daunting. But this is also a year where I get to see God’s provision for myself.  A chance to really grow in my trust, learn to depend on God and experience his blessings first hand. I’m not saying it will by any means be easy but I am confident it will help me grow in faith and really, what more could I ask for?

I will be part of an incredible team sharing in God’s great mission and helping other people do the same, living out the best message going. I have no doubt there will be many fun times times ahead, whether it’s melting more toasters, ‘stealing’ more furniture from McDonald’s or setting anything else on fire, banter levels will definitely be high. That is the fellowship of God’s unending blessings. And the best part is, just like the beauty of the recent baptism services, I get to spend a year seeing more people come closer to Jesus, whether that’s in the middle of some field on a rainy day or in the middle of the night after a few drinks, I get to be a part of that. I get to help people experience the joy that is living in grace. Some would even say relay-ing that joy.

And that’s why, in a nutshell, I didn’t really look for anything else. Why I couldn’t sleep the night I found out and why I woke up at 5am ready for the day the next morning because that morning I was going to be a Relay worker and, as scary as it may be, I can’t wait.

Year plan: Relay. Life plan: Love Jesus more 🙂