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New Year New Me


New Year, New Me; it’s probably something we’ve heard a lot, if not even said. But, as the first month draws to a close, how many of these New Year’s resolutions are still going? A few of my friends came back after Christmas eating what seemed like only boiled eggs and avocado and I was greatly disappointed when offered pancakes to find out these were made with oats and protein powder. Me; I ate three Krispy Kreme donoughts in one day. I didn’t really make any New Year’s resolutions this year other than vague ambitions of sending more cards and actually doing something after I hopefully graduate. My friend told me though that you should only have two resolutions: To love God and to love the person in front of you. It seems pretty obvious given they’re commandments we’ve heard before but it’s still just about January and it’s already a challenge.

We’ll start with what seems like the easier of the two. We know generally that we should love everyone because God loves everyone and that we should treat everyone as we would want to be treated. But the truth is, we interact with particular people, certain people were put in our lives. When we’re faced with the crippling words of a ‘group presentation’, when someone finishes the milk and doesn’t replace it, when we’re faced with judgement from someone who only knows half the story or when someone close to us tries to hurt us, do we really love the person that’s been put right in front of us? The hard part is knowing that treating everyone equally does not meant treating everyone the same, loving everyone may mean loving everyone differently. It’s been a challenge, it’s meant staying up until 6am in A&E when I wasn’t really up for it and standing aside as someone presented a lot of my own ideas. It even meant skipping breakfast to watch someone taking the last slice of Domino’s pizza in front of me at lunch. It’s also involved apologising when people have hurt me and there are still so many times I’ve failed but it’s a challenge worth taking and a happier year because of it.

The second one seems harder, less tangible, less practical. But the good thing is, it’s really only one resolution. If you’re learning to love others, you’re learning to love God and if you really love God, you’ll want to love others.  It can be hard to find time when you feel under pressure but thankfully I know someone who never thinks I’m not good enough with out making a ‘new me’, the one person who’s opinion stands the test of time and who has a standard of perfection. Even when you have the time it can still prove difficult just to spend time with God. Me and a friend thought we’d go and make use of an hour in the 24/7 prayer room at church, a perfect opportunity you might think, but even then we somehow managed to find ourselves locked in between the two sets of double doors on the way out of the prayer room, the only ones at the church at that time on a Friday night. Don’t get me wrong, the church had put in place many precautions to make sure this doesn’t happen, it takes real talent. But even our futile attempts are worth it. Lots of people go to university with the intention of getting a first or a partner or even a marriage prospect. I may not graduate this year with a first and a boyfriend but I will be graduating with a whole lot more and never once have I regretted that, not even the three Krispy Kreme donoughts. I only hope that this year, I can keep this resolution of aiming to love God and love the person in front of me. 🙂