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Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card


What I’m about to say really isn’t a story about me or even mine to tell but as I was there and it brightened my Friday morning, I thought I would take the time to share it with you or at least my small part of it.

On Friday morning, I, with a few others sang in the university library in the silent study zone no less for someone’s proposal.

For the record, this is not someone I knew or had any connection with so let’s backtrack. A couple of months ago someone approached our uni choir director saying he wanted a choir to sing when he proposed to his girlfriend and since we got back for this term, nine of us and our conductor put in a few extra rehearsals to make this happen. The couple met in our university library and so this was the venue for our romantic setting.

Rehearsing the morning of and walking down to the library, I was very excited. I love a good proposal, we all occasionally get a little teary in the films and videos and I love hearing peoples’ proposal stories but like many, I had never actually witnessed one myself. It was only when we got up to C floor of the library that I got really quite nervous as ten of us all went to browse the first two shelves of the art history section. I realise I was by no means the most nervous person in this situation nor did I have right to be but when the library is as busy yet quiet as it was, the thought of bursting into song in the silence is quiet a scary one. We waited, pacing up and down the bookshelves behind the wall sandwiched between Islamic Art and The History of English Cathedrals waiting for her to arrive.

There she was. Camera man and videographer were in place. She came up the stairs to meet him for lunch and that was our cue. As he told her that he just wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, there we were singing an a capella version of  If it ain’t You before he got down on one knee to the applause of everyone in the library. I have never had so many cameras on me in my life, well, not on me of course, I’m not pretending this is a story about me but to have at least been in sight of so many cameras. When she came up the stairs and the singing started it was like everyone in the library came over with their phones out. I’m fairly sure I’ll never be on so many snapchat stories at once again and it seems no one really minded about silent study for such a happy occasion, in fact it was probably quite a welcome break for many. And it was a very happy occasion, it was clearly a surprise but she did of course say yes you’ll be pleased to know and wasn’t the only one there to cry. Even with no real connection, I could almost feel myself getting a little teary as we could all see how happy they were.

It was like our fifteen minutes of fame, within minutes it was all over social media – Yik Yak, Facebook, The Tab, YouTube – ‘SHE SAID YES!’ ‘Library proposal’ ‘Guy proposed in the library, WITH A CHOIR’. The weirdest thing was that I left still not knowing the couple beyond their names, which I found out on the day, and yet this will be a story they will recount over and over again, a story I got to be a part of. I really do hope they will have a long happy life together and I will be ever thankful to have the opportunity to see where it started, you did good man 🙂