Monthly Archives: September 2016

Spontaneously Unprepared


Third year. It’s the final push and for some reason the time when everyone starts really enjoying the question, So, what comes next? I have to say, I’ve mastered a few answers to this question; I’m seeing where life takes meI’m more a go with the flow kinda gal, and the one that people seem to be happiest with but is probably furthest from the truth, I’m exploring my options.

I have recently discovered that there is a fine line between spontaneous and unprepared and I plan on spending the majority of this year finding out exactly where that line is. For example, this summer I went to a couple of days of a festival with one goal; to pack light. When travelling on the train and effectively camping on my own, it didn’t want to be weighed down with excess baggage. Consequently this led to me standing in a field having not brought any cutlery or crockery, any means of cooking, anything to sleep on or indeed a tent. But it was okay, I had the full works of Shakespeare. In hindsight, this was probably less packing light and more badly thought through; unprepared. But I do also believe some things need to be done just to confirm that they are in fact a bad idea. As a result, when I went camping the following week, I went prepared with all necessary sleeping and eating equipment minus only the tent pegs; it’s important to learn from these experiences.

The day after the first festival, I spent the day in Nottingham without any means of transport home. Consequently, instead of forking out and waiting around for the train, I ended up getting a lift the full four hours home with a comfortable ride and good company and then having these friends over for a nice dinner at home; spontaneous.

I’m entering my final year at university and I may not know exactly what I would do in every situation that may or may not end up occurring in my life but don’t call me unprepared when I have a separate mug for every one of my tea needs. Whether it’s a standard cup of tea, a cosy night in, a dissertation sized brew,  guest mugs or a quick cuppa without wanting to be up all night, I’m ready. I may still be working out exactly which way the sheets go on a double bed and I may still get off at the wrong bus stop on occasions but I like to think I know the things that matter. We recently went on a CU conference and yes, I may have forgotten all of my tent pegs and set a table on fire but we learnt some incredible things preparing us for a year of faith and evangelism.

My cousin recently got married and it was beautiful. An outdoor marquee in glorious sunshine with croquet and a bouncy castle on the lawn and a jukebox and fun photo booth inside with the most incredibly beautiful naked sponge cake I have ever seen. Looking at them, in my life, I plan to be that happy. The following week was my parents 25th Wedding Anniversary and I was again on making Mary Berry proud in the kitchen for their big party to celebrate (now that cake really was a comeback if ever I saw one, after many a mishap I really did think at one point there was no coming back). But the point is, what ever happens along the way and however I get there, I plan on still being that happy 25 years later.

Right now, I am spontaneously unprepared for life with big dreams and few ideas and who knows, maybe by the end of the year, I’ll be a little more spontaneous and a little less unprepared, but for that we will just have to wait and see. 🙂