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Another Decade Down


Take every opportunity of enjoying yourself.
Mrs Bennet Pride and Prejudice

This weekend marked the halfway point in my time at OneSound as I made my way to St Albans after reaching the grand old age of twenty for another weekend of fellowship and music making. I am now no longer a teenager. I am in my third decade. I am closer to being forty than I am to being born. I am the age I will be when I graduate. I am also halfway through my OneSound life. It may seem all downhill from here but I’ve recently come to the conclusion that there are still plenty more opportunities for enjoying myself.

Two weeks ago, we were up in York for a fabulous time of worship which left me faced with a rather daunting nine hours home. But I do love a good road trip and as tired as I was, with music blasting loud and the prospect of heading home for the summer, it was all in all a good end to the weekend. Last weekend I was again able to see friends from every corner of┬áthe country, mostly from university, as we caught up over some good old fashioned French cricket, pubbing and midnight musicalities. It seems the summer has only just begun and I’m already missing them all.

It was fantastic then to have two OneSound weekends so close together as we congregated in St Albans. One again, we were laughing until we cried at even the smallest of things, spending time in prayer for one another and just enjoying each others company. We enjoyed a glorious afternoon of sunshine in the park as well as trips to the pub and many cups of tea together. I even somehow ended up on a lads trip to the pub one evening before finding myself sat in the back of a rather shady looking van on a street corner with the ‘lads’ the following night, drinking beer and eating 20″ pizzas. Now, if like me, you find it difficult to visualise 20 inches; each slice is a two hand job. I admit, it probably looked a little sketchy to each passer-by at one o’clock in the morning, but we were having fun with our chairs crammed into the back and the retro purple carpet lining the inside of the van. We did of course make lots of music together too throughout the weekend, with our voices and our playing, from rehearsals, the concert, singing for an elderly day care centre and leading worship in the service, all in worship to the LORD. It just shows how fun God made life to be when you learn to use what you’ve been given.

Life is about making your own fun. By the age of 20, Mozart had composed multiple symphonies. By the age of 20, Andy Murray was British number one. Elizabeth Barrett Browning published her first volume of poetry, Jane Austen had written Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice and Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein. I’m simply taking every opportunity to enjoy myself.