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A Happy Holy Halloween


‘I have recently got into clubbing overly soberly,
The music takes hold of me
and hopefully that’s enough.
And I have never been one for them other drugs,
but right now I am stocked up on
Lucozade and Chupa Chups

There is a difference between
sleep-tired and life-tired.
Right now I am sleep deprived,
but desperate for a boogie.

I have maths lecture in five hours
but there is a difference between
sleep-tired and life tired,
right now I am sleep deprived,
but ultimately satisfied
as I go to bed.
I know I will struggle to stay awake in calculus,
but I will still have this music in my head.’
[Harry Baker]

I feel like this poem sums up my university life right now. Last night out, I went out on my first night out since freshers week and it was great. But it’s not like I’ve particularly missed it, I’ve been busy with other things. But last night, it was finally time to stop and let go; not high on alcohol, only high on Actimel and still loving every minute busting moves to McFly and Shania Twain. Me and my friend may not be drunk but we’re staying till the end, conversing in our own Norwegian sign language when the music gets too loud. We had been saying we wanted to spend more time together but be careful what you wish for as you may just end up getting home well into the next afternoon after spending just over an hour together locked outside a friend’s flat to regain all of your possessions. In fact, waiting in shifts for them to open the door, it was just enough time to get your hair cut, go shopping and go to the market for falafel. Because it’s hard to make friends stocked up on alcohol, but you can definitely be friends staying up and eating McDonald’s into the early hours and still being hungry enough to share your first falafel in the morning.

Because life is about making your own fun. While everyone went out on Halloween last week, I stayed in played connect four, and let me tell you, it was probably, no, undoubtedly, the best Halloween I’ve had. After a cracking concert with OneSound we headed out to the pub where I somehow got into buying my first ever round and celebrated with friends. We then came back, ordered pizza and played giant connect four and basketball. If you’re with the right people, you can be doing absolutely anything and having the best time. It’s half past one and we’ve had our hot chocolate with cream, marshmallows and cake. We were there for little over two full days and they made us seventeen cakes, you don’t get much better than that. Rehearsals start at seven forty five tomorrow. We have two services to lead in the morning and haven’t slept in days but right now I am sleep deprived but ultimately satisfied.

We eventually went to bed because you’re never too old for a good old sleepover, as proved last night, and then up at seven and still singing. We’ve had many hours of singing and few hours of sleeping this weekend but we’re still going, almost like magic working overnight. And my interviewed testimonial slot in one of the services may have been described as ‘comedy gold’, which I don’t think was quite what I was going for but we are all sleep-tired. We are not life-tired 🙂