The Reason We Sing


“Any day spent with you is my new favourite day. So, today is my new favourite day.”
[Winnie the Pooh]

This could not be more true of OneSound. It seems every weekend away becomes my new favourite weekend. This weekend we got to meet up a day earlier than often, Thursday afternoon, and when you only get to see some of your loveliest friends, some of your favourite people, on average four times a year, every moment is precious. Whether it’s getting up for early morning rehearsals or staying up into the early morning with takeaway and biblical banter, you have to make the most of the time you’ve got. I cannot think of a better combination than such incredible people, music and worship.

We rehearsed from approximately 9am until 9pm each day, singing and playing our praises. We sung about the reason we were there: “to praise the one who gave his life to be the reason we sing”, and this really does sum up why we meet. From every corner of the country, all with different backgrounds, different stories, we meet to praise the one who gave his life to be the reason we sing and through our concert we sung to let people know just exactly who that is: “Who would think this body, hanging from a cross, could have been the Son of God, hanging there for us?”

Now, many brass banders seem to be of the opinion that string instruments are great for bonfires, saxophones are intruders that shouldn’t be allowed in and percussion is for people that can’t play a ‘real instrument’ but I have to say, the beautiful violin solos were, as always, enough to give goosebumps, the iconic sax solo in one of our signature pieces was inspiring and the quick glock parts were simply magical. As for the choir, it was time to “lift [our] joys and triumphs high”, of which it’s fair to say we had many and well, only on a musical weekend would you break into spontaneous Happy Birthday, with at least five part harmony, over dinner.

The morning service on Sunday was equally inspiring, hearing testimony after testimony of how friends have been affected by OneSound, how lives have changed. To see people I never thought I would singing their hallelujahs.

And there has to be something said for the food. There was one central table that I don’t think I ever walked past when it wasn’t full with a huge variety of cake, always for the taking. Whatever hour of the day, there was a constant stream of food from consistent cake and biscuits, approximately a box of cereal each and a full roast dinner on Sunday.

Sometimes I wonder if my life really can get better but then I come to OneSound and am reminded just how blessed I really am. My only prayer is that this weekend could have been but a token of the gratitude of the blessings I have 🙂


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  1. I’m with you on this Abbi. Those who do not have music in their lives are really missing out I think. The rest of us just can’t believe how lucky we are. Still working out how we can get to Lancaster so be warned Grandparents may soon be on the horizon!


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