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12 days of advent


Advent is a time to prepare for Christmas and as I was away from home for the first half of Advent, it was down to me to get a little festive. So here are my twelve days of Advent, or more my first twelve days of Christmas in my home away from home.

On the first day of Advent, my church gave to me a full Christmas dinner. I think we’re all agreed that Christmas can begin on the 1st December so why not kick off in style. Full turkey roast, crackers, reindeer cakes, mince pies and best of all, really great friends. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

On the second day of Advent, I gave to the people of Lancaster university free chocolate and mice pies while singing Christmas carols. It was so lovely to be caroling in the square with Christmas goodies followed by making Christmas decorations in the CU main meeting. Also, I found, when advertising, people tend to be more keen to approach people shouting “free chocolate” than people giving out flyers. It’s true, chocolate brings joy to the world.

On the third day of Advent the English Department gave to me some lovely Christmas biscuits. They were cinnamon German biscuits called Lebkuchen and as my friend described it “it’s like Santa Claus is sitting in my mouth”. I then went and cut up pieces of paper into snowflakes to decorate the flat, which, to be honest, didn’t excite my flatmates quite as much as it did me but it did brighten up the kitchen and in my opinion, everyone should love Christmas. I mean, do they know it’s Christmastime at all?

On the fourth day of Advent I gave my afternoon to putting up fairy lights and paper chains in the Great Hall, ready for the carol service. It was a lovely service with two choirs and a string orchestra and was wonderful to share with friends. As an open invitation to everyone at the university, it was a great way to say merry Christmas everyone.

On the fifth day of Advent, the university gave to me a suitably festive Christmas market. Lots of cake, lots of Christmas jumpers and lots of potential presents. The brass band was playing carols and everyone was in good spirits, it really is the most wonderful time of the year.

On the sixth day of Advent my coursework sadly did not give to me a particularly festively fun filled day. In fact, I pretty much spent all day sat in front of a computer screen until all energy and motivation ran out. That was until I realised I was doing it all wrong and I wasn’t doing it sat in pyjamas with hot chocolate listening to Christmas music. Before that, it was looking like it was going to be a blue Christmas that day.

On the seventh day of Advent my church gave to me more Christmas carols in the evening service. The second Advent candle was lit and the next seven days of the One Direction Advent calander (going for the theological approach) were opened and I do love a good carol. After another full day of coursework before the service, it really helped me step into Christmas again.

On the eighth day of Advent I gave to my friends a cherished Christmas tradition. The annual viewing of Love Actually. It may have taken an hour of running around the college looking for various cables, laptops and discs but suffice to say, it was worth it. You know Christmas is all around us, when you here them singing All I want for Christmas is you in the Christmas concert.

On the ninth day of Advent my college gave to me a wonderful winter ball. Everyone looked stunning and the hotel was so beautifully decorated, it really was a special night. After a delicious three course meal, we danced to Christmas music at the disco, I think it’s fair to say we were all rocking around the Christmas tree that night. Delightful.

On the tenth day of Advent, the estate agent gave to me a house. Well, not quite gave, but we did go house viewing for next year and viewed the house we ended up signing for. Walking round the streets we saw an array of bright Christmas lights adding a little cheer to the surrounding houses, I love seeing all the Christmas lights, both tacky and tasteful, however with heavy rain and true northern wind, when my friend asked me what I thought of the area, my most prominent thought was baby, it’s cold outside.

On the eleventh day of Advent my friends gave to me an invitation to a lovely Christmas meal. We went out for a block Christmas meal, only, it wasn’t my block. It was so wonderful to be invited along with such good friends. There was a secret Santa and of course crackers. I can’t explain how great it was to share the night with these people, even if my friend did end up with an onion in his ice cream – oh I wish it could be Christmas every day.

On the twelfth day of Advent, I may not have been doing things specifically festive, but I was simply having a wonderful Christmastime. It started with a friend’s wedding. Quite frankly, what can be a happier occasion? It was such a beautiful service, I nearly cried. It was a day of such indescribable joy all round, it was such a privilege to be able to share it with them and I wish them both many congratulations and best wishes for all of their time together. I hate to be presumptuous, but sometimes, you can just look at something and know it’s right. After that, I went the cinema with my flatmates which was a great way to wrap up our time together, it’s been so great getting to know them all this term. After the film, I went to party in town with the wonderful friends I spent the night before with, before going out and dancing, all through the night. To sum it up, the room was swaying, records playing, all the old songs we love to hear.  Oh I wish that every day was Christmas, what a nice way to end the year together.

So, I just about managed to keep myself festive away from home but, Christmas is a time for spending with family so having spent many hours on a train (witnessing some questionable train behaviour including one girl bring and hugging her rats on the train), I’ll be home for Christmas and I hope you all have yourselves a merry little Christmas. 🙂