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Stranger Danger


I love people; I love talking to people hearing about their lives.

This weekend I went up to Nottingham to sing in Onesound again and as we were there we were told not to let anyone we didn’t know into the church at any point. A reasonable request, but it got me thinking nonetheless. Everyday we are meeting new people, having conversations we haven’t had before and learning things we didn’t know before. This weekend I had the privilege of meeting many new members as well as a whole new music group that we were doing a joint concert with. It may seem weird eating, sleeping and singing with people you’ve never met. Sharing your first Nandos experience with someone you didn’t know the day before or seeing them in all their sleep-deprived glory at two o’clock in the morning, getting overly tired and overly competitive with silly games. But that’s how it all starts, that’s how friendships grow.

And now I know, obviously, that this isn’t quite what’s meant by the term ‘stranger danger’ and a group of all-dancing, all-singing Christians probably aren’t going to raise much alarm, but I do feel that often we go into life expecting the worst so we ‘wont be disappointed’. But I say, if you go through life expecting the best, it’s much more likely to happen. Why go around life expecting everything to be the worst it can be?

Even on the journey there I met a lovely man in London Victoria coach station. He asked me where I was going and so I told him I was going to Nottingham and about Onesound and my hobbies and future plans. He seemed genuinely really interested and kept asking me what I liked doing and what I want to do later in my life. I asked him where he was headed and he said he wasn’t, he lived in the area and was just passing through. At first I thought it was a slightly strange place to stop and chat particularly if you are just on your way home but it struck me that if he really did live in the area, this probably wasn’t his first time ‘just passing through’. I thought of all the people he’s probably met at one time or another and all the travelling adventures he’s probably heard about. This is a man that’s likely to have a whole host of stories to tell and I like to think I added to that. I like to think he goes on meeting people and finding out about the world and the people in it and what better place to do it than a busy international coach station?

Now of course, I’m not going around condoning small children going up and talking to any strange man they find on the street or letting random strangers into their homes but I do like talking to different people, maybe even getting a new perspective on various aspects of life. Just before we left, a friend of mine found out she had been made an offer to study maths at Cambridge University (clever, right?) Anyway, this naturally led to us talking about it on the way home. A man at the train station overheard us talking about it and joined in the conversation, sharing his own experiences at Cambridge University and it was really interesting to hear it all first hand and how things have now changed.

So, I guess all I’m trying to say, is that there are some really interesting people out there and well, I just love people. 🙂