Monthly Archives: November 2013

Little Miracles


In a month like this, with the news we’re presented with, I often find myself wondering ‘Why does it all happen?’ ‘What have we come to?’ and ‘When will it all stop?’ All perfectly valid questions when we’re faced with the prospect of war on remembrance day, suffering children all around the UK with Children in Need and the devastating affects of the Philippine Typhoon.

But, what if it’s not the end? What if it’s just the start from a different place? Take ten-year-old Megan Adams for example. The young poppy girl lovingly reunited with her father when he was serving in the navy, not expecting to see him for another three months. A real tear-jerker for all at the Albert hall I believe as she ran down the aisle to meet her hero.

And think about it, everyone’s always talking about the current economic climate, trying to sound sophisticated by throwing in words like “recession” “credit crunch” and “damn politicians”, but, when it comes down to it, we still managed to raise a record-breaking amount of money for Children in Need this year. Over thirty one million pounds, that’s 50p for every person that lives in the UK in one night. Wouldn’t you say it’s a miracle that children with cerebral palsy can turn around and say they love cycling? Or that children with downs syndrome and cancer have have homes full of friends and good times?

I think we’re all agreed that we wouldn’t wish the recent events of the Philippine typhoon on anyone and our prayers are with them all now. One lady, Emily Ortega, had to swim for her life through the floods and cling on to a post to survive. But it wasn’t just her life she was swimming for. On November 11th Emily gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in a makeshift hospital at Tacloban airport among all the wreckage. Recently, I held a newborn baby girl in my arms and looked down only to see a little miracle, I can only imagine what that new mother was feeling when she saw her little miracle. She named the child Bea Joy, after her mother Beatrice who died in the storm. Just imagine that, in all that devastation, there were actually smiles and cheers at the airport and a child was named Joy.

Even in the hardest times there are miracles all around, you sometimes just need to look a little harder to find them. And, if you really can’t see a  miracle, maybe it’s your chance to make one. 🙂