Monthly Archives: September 2013

Folkin’ Fundraising


So, we’re back to September; that time of year that’s all about new beginnings and fresh starts, but really we know its about remembering how to write and getting used to your usual body clock. But now, hopefully we’re all back into the normal swing of things and after saying goodbye to glorious long holidays, if you are already bored of the everyday routine, don’t fear, this can change.

Next month, we are bringing the folk down to Chandler’s Ford and on the 12th of October, Chandler’s Ford Methodist church are playing host to Greenbelt festival legend folk band Folk On. If you don’t know, Folk On are a comedy folk band, but if you want to know what they actually sound like, in their words “Ever wondered what it might be like if Mumford & Sons and The Wurzels had a love-child, and it was delivered by Flight of then Conchords? Well, Folk On might well be that illegitimate offspring of comedy-folk-love.” In other words, what would happen if the Wurzels could actually play their instruments?

They’ve been on tour all around the country and they’re sure to bring a smile to your face. 

So that’s them but, they’re not just great for some good honest entertainment but of course, as always, the Kenya fund is calling. Not only is it going to be a mighty fun night but it’s all for a good cause. There’s no downside. So, whether you like folk music, comedy, or none of the above, rack your diaries and your purses and come along to what is going to be a truly good evening of fun-filled music and laughs 🙂