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Punch, Judy and the ‘Humble’ Bagel


So, I was up at a classic British summer fayre today, the sun was shining, the band was playing, wonderful. And of course, like all good fairs, there was a good old Punch and Judy show although, I have to say, I’ve never been a fan, and I’ve certainly never thought it was entirely appropriate for children. I’ll be honest, it’s a little scary and they blame a lot of violence on video games and such like but I’m telling you, this is where it all starts; “Shall I hit him harder kids?” “yes yes yes!” Here’s your problem, drilled into them from the beginning.

A standard summer fete, balloons, face paint, tea cup rides and candy floss. A world of color and fun, although I did once see a sign for, and I quote, “sugar free candy floss” where’s the fun in that? What even is that – flavoured air? Talking about weird foods, what, is the point, in a bagel? Simply a sandwich with a whole in it. Apparently it makes it easier to hold but I have to say, I have never had a sandwich eating experience that would have been enhanced by being able to put my fingers right the way through the sandwich. In other words, it’s a savoury doughnut but I’ll be honest, I don’t think it’s the round feature that makes doughnuts so appealing, in fact, a savoury doughnut really isn’t that appealing at all.  What I want to know is who ever thought it would be a good idea for sandwiches to have a hole in them or for doughnuts to be savoury?

Well, I’m sure everyone enjoyed the music as we played some old favourites on a bright sunny day, so good fun for everyone 🙂


Never dull in ‘ull


So, this weekend was spent up in sunny Hull (or so I was told) seeing old friends and new and as always, making a little music along the way. Now, Hull isn’t exactly the closest concert location we’ve been to so, setting off at 7.30am we (being eight keen band members and one very appreciated driver) made our way in the minibus. Unfortunately, my feet didn’t touch the floor of the bus so it wasn’t the most comfortable ride ever and one member insisted on playing the mini game the whole way up (and the whole way back) but I have to say I’ve been a lot further in a much worse minibus before so I couldn’t complain. 

We got there at about three in the afternoon, just in time for rehearsals, and were very warmly welcomed by all. So, we got stuck in and as it was a ‘Last night of the proms’ concert we played all the British classics – Auld lang sine, Rule Britannia, Land of Hope and Glory, the full works. 

We then got ready for the concert, which was a big success and very well received (they’re all friendly up North) and I even wound up with a solo that I found out about in the interval, nothing like a bit of last minute planning and pinch of sight reading to keep you on your toes. The Hull marching band were a competition band though, so, while we had all just spent a jolly long time in a minubus and all looked like we’d just got out of bed, they all had shirts tucked, ties on, white gloves and hair slicked backed into neat French plaits finished off with pretty ribbons tied in bows. I guess we were just the riff raff, I only hope we didn’t cramp their style too much. 

We then had what I would call two dinners; jacket potatoes with a surplus of fillings and salad followed a little later by a ‘supper’ of many pizzas and garlic bread before a bit of late night table tennis and then bed. Then of course we simply had to remove the clock from the room because we couldn’t have anything at all with the potential of possibly disrupting our sleep. Then again, don’t you just hate it when you put the effort in to make it all quiet and the security alarm in the building goes off at three o’clock in the morning? At first I thought it was just a siren from an emergency vehicle outside but about forty minutes later I decided either it was in the building or there was a very serious traffic jam outside (unlikely at that time in the morning). We probably woke up half the neighbourhood in the night but there’s always one who manages to sleep through everything and this was no exception in our little group, so although it seemed impossible at the time, at least we didn’t all have a disturbed nights sleep. 

But, seeing as we were there for the weekend, the fun was only just beginning and after another significant feeding in the morning, we met with our Hull friends to go on a ‘fish trail’. For those of you who don’t know, this is sort of like a big treasure hunt running (or in our case sleepwalking) around the old streets of Hull hunting down inanimate fish. All good fun. I also heard a rumour about BB wristbands which I thought sounded like a cool souvenir to take home from the weekend but then after asking for one, ended up walking around with a bright paper band reading “5th Hull Boys’ Brigade, Please help me and call the BB mobile”. At least I didn’t get lost. 

All in all, a really fun time with great music, friends and hospitality, many thanks to all those who made it such a good weekend (particularly those we woke up at three o’clock in the morning regarding the alarm) 🙂