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One way ticket


So, good news, I’ve just reached the halfway mark in the Kenya fund after a good old fashioned garden party with tea and scones today, made all the more British by insisting on sitting outside come rain or shine. We had a large array of cakes ranging from cinnamon to raspberry and carrot to lemon making £202. That brings the running total up to enough for a one way ticket so, I guess it’s up to everyone now whether they want to keep supporting or not, depending on whether they want me to come back.

The phrase “everywhere you go, always take the weather with you” possibly would have been helpful here as it was absolutely beautiful up in Chesterfield last weekend but nonetheless, after two days in the kitchen (you can tell there’s been lots of hard core time devoted to revision recently) it didn’t rain (too much) all afternoon and we had exactly the right amount of jam. God is good. 

Then again, with all things like this, came the mountain of washing up. Made slightly better of course on finding the all time classic infant school tea towel with hand drawn pictures of all the children, slightly weird however to have one from 2005 and realise you didn’t actually know anyone at that school in 2005. So apparently, we just own a tea towel with pictures of random unknown children. 

Anyway, slow and steady wins the race as they say (which realistically is very rarely true) but I am now well on my way to getting there now thanks to continuing support, now just got to work on getting back 🙂


Some words they can’t be spoken only sung…


Hello friends, sorry it’s been a while, but music has been taking me travelling a little recently and exams have been pressing. Just last week I was up in Halesowen in the Midlands at a music festival, six entries and three trophies, a good fifty percent average and I got to see far away friends which is always nice. Plus, there was music of a wide diversity and standard but I think it’s fair to say that still, the majority was still significantly better than the ‘music’ of Eurovision. I mean “Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol is free”, no wonder the Greek economy is so bad at the moment. Then again definitely improved with the native language sing-along on screen because after all, foreign Eurovision karaoke was indeed what the red button was made for.

Anyway, talking about old friends, music and festivals, I just spent the weekend up in Derbyshire at Cliff college festival with the old choir/orchestra, Onesound again. We got there about half past nine on the Friday evening before driving around quite a while trying to find our pitch. The group were up at the local Methodist Church when we arrived so we found the pitch that fit description we were given exactly. A series of a small tents, the ‘orange monstrosity’ of a tent described to us by the steward, the free pitch next to the ‘small blue tent’ we were informed about, this is a hundred percent our pitch. So, if this is so definitely our pitch, why not spread all our stuff around and put up our tent right in the middle so they’re sure to see us when they get back and tell us where to go/what to do? Well, because there’s a very good chance that this is not your pitch and the actual campers of that area will come back late into the evening and wonder what on Earth you’re doing invading their entire territory and completely messing up their temporary home by pitching your tent in the middle of their group.

So of course we found where we were meant to be and got a questionable nights sleep accompanied by the beautiful symphonies of snoring and cows, almost as musical as Eurovision, before a full day of rehearsing and a couple of performances in a beautifully decorated woodland venue with an attire of homemade bunting and fairy lights. Magical. And of course, we were ready as always for the big concert on Monday, writing song lyrics on each other’s hands just before heading on stage.

An amazing weekend once again with amazing friends that, like everyone, enjoy a good bit of banter, if I was ever under any doubt at all that I am indeed very small, I’m certainly not any more. In fact the words “good grief you’re small” featured from someone I thought knew me well enough to realise this, but, being possibly the nicest group of people I know, only they can turn it all into compliments. “I only insult people I know really well” and “you’re bigger on the inside than you are on the out” came up (at least I think that’s a compliment) but it really doesn’t bother me because the way I see it, God only lets things grow until they’re perfect and well, I guess some things just don’t take as long as others.

But I had an unbelievable amount of fun in everyone’s company (even in the ‘quiet study room’ believe it or not, who knew ‘foot pictionary’ could be so fun) to make up for the less than sufficient amounts of sleep throughout the weekend. Although, I was woken up on the Monday morning with an incredibly loud cymbal crash on the drum kit, causing me to jump out of my skin and create an ever so slightly embarrassing disruption to rehearsals. And, my future writing career is now well on my way after writing my first book, a book of baby’s first words created from a single sheet of A4 because after reading the actual baby’s book of first words, well, lets just say I don’t think ‘crayon’ is a particularly realistic goal. So, a lot of music, a little bit of dancing and an almost unhealthy juice attachment; what I would call a thoroughly great weekend and next weekend it’s all the way up to heights of Hull to play in a band so more fun on the way, as always 🙂