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The Cheese Grater


I think it’s fair to say, I don’t really live life on the edge all that often, in fact, in the words of James Acaster “I’m not a very adventurous person, I’ve only ever used one side of the cheese grater”. But yesterday, I signed up for (or more got signed up for) an African adventure. A chance to trek it out to Kenya in the summer of 2014 for two weeks of volunteer work. It’s a great opportunity, sun, safari’s but primarily helping others. So there it is, my way of using the other side of the cheese grater.
There is one minor obstacle however before I get there and that’s the cost. There’s going to need to be a heck of a lot of fundraising for this to happen, I’m talking concerts, cake sales and crazy events because (here comes the cliche) this really is the opportunity of a lifetime.
So, I’ll keep you all updated here with the goings on of my life but if you have any idea’s at all about fundraising we could do, please, don’t hesitate to comment or contact me any other way, I’m just so excited and can’t wait to get things started, keep you posted 🙂


Musical Madness


Right, so, an update on my weekend; well, in case you didn’t know, I’m in a band and me and some friends from said band took a trip up Doncaster on Friday. Here we met up with other bands from around the country to form a national brass band. But lets not get ahead of ourselves, first there was the journey, for about four and a half hours in a minibus. Now call me weird but I love long car journey’s and couldn’t complain about the company but even then four and a half hours in an incredibly cosy, to put it nicely, and what seemed to be a very old minibus with seriously questionable suspension was probably long enough for me.

Anyway, we got there, at about have past eleven, and were warmly welcomed. We then spent a particularly comfortable night all sleeping on the church floor, (it even surprises me how often I do that, and like always, I can’t say that much sleep actually happened).
Saturday morning rehearsals started and we got to know people from other bands a little better. We had people from Chandler’s Ford, Doncaster, Bristol, Accrington and Derby but unfortunately, and to many people’s dismay, we found out that our notorious friends from Doncaster that we’ve known and learnt to love will no longer be able to carry on as a band and that this was their last weekend they were able to join with us. Although it’s not all bad news, there’s still national music festivals and shiz so I very much doubt we’ve heard the last from them.

Anyway, as one door closes, another opens as they say and as we were taking in the news about their leaving a new-to-the-association band joined us for the first time from up in Hull and it was great meeting them all. There weren’t many of them but they were all so lovely it didn’t matter.

So that was the rehearsals but the really important stuff came in the breaks and free time. Jungle speed. Anyone who’s been keeping up with my blog will understand that this is possibly one of the best games and very serious business indeed. And of course there were meal times and naturally we had jacket potatoes. I like jacket potatoes but there is one serious issue with serving jackets at a mass event. No matter where you go, there is always the mind boggling debate of tuna or baked beans. I always tell myself I will only have one topping but to be quite honest, that’s right up there with “I wont laugh, promise” and “okay, just one more episode” with most frequently told lies. So that gives you a clue of the outcome of that debate.

Then came the concert Saturday night. We all played together with a guest slot from each band in which our band formed a ukulele group I was part of and whipped up a few songs to perform. Then of course there was the much-loved novelty piece entitled “doodlie-doo” and for some strange reason I was picked to help the audience with the actions. Yes, actions. However, unsurprisingly I forgot the actions in the concert so started to improvise at which point I found out how many people were following me, amazing how many people were actually paying attention. Although, what’s possibly more amazing is why I am still so willingly volunteered for these challenging tasks when clearly, I am useless. I guess it’s just one of those things I will never understand like where the zebra got it’s stripes, who makes up penguin jokes and how there can possibly be a ‘Titanic 2’ given the outcome of the first movie. Anyway, it all went okay in the end and some of our Hull friends starting teaching us various other action songs at the end of the concert and we all had a laugh. Unfortunately they, and many others, and to leave after the concert, but I’m sure it wont be too long before we meet again.

So back on the old church floor for another night with friends whispering to me in their sleep and playing that all too funny game where they press their face up against yours so you wake up with quite a start. What fun we have. Next morning we all piled back into the minibus after playing in the service and went off for an archery session together for fun time. Well what can I say, being so naturally talented I popped the balloon right in the center yellow circle twice. Yeah, that’s right, not once, but twice. And then there was just another long journey back home with some very interesting renditions of the game ‘consequences’, but, well, they’re other stories altogether. So, between doubtfully tuneful singing on the minibus, a little bit of ukulele and a general band-playing weekend away, I would call it a fairly musical weekend with old friends and new.

But that’s not the real news is it? After all that, I get home and find I’ve missed quite a lot just from one weekend. Because the real news is some Austrian skydiver and the sound barrier isn’t it? Or that ‘potentially dangerous’ guy being searched down by the police in my town that may or may not have killed someone in his life time but then again may not be a danger at all? But again, that’s all another story…