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Tick Tock, Don’t Stop


Today, I’m just having one of those days where life just flies past without me really realizing. It probably seems like just a normal day to anyone else, nothing too special or extraordinary  but to me it just seemed that it doesn’t matter how good a dream is, reality is always waiting just round the corner to smack you in the face.

I guess it wasn’t really helped when my Spanish teacher decided to add another lesson in the week for everyone, just for kicks. Sat in bed contemplating between early morning Spanish practice or a lie in, needless to say it took a lot of motivation for me to get up this morning.  It wasn’t made any better when I was the only person who bothered to turn up for this little session so ended up enduring some kind of awkward, intense, individual Spanish session with a woman I’d never met. That was fun.
So, thanks to that, I had a full college day day, (cue the tiny violins) and a full day of languages at that. Spanish skills to start the day, off to English, then another English lesson, a lecture through lunch and then back to Spanish to finish.

Then, cycling back, past my house and straight up to a little coffee shop which always makes me happy. Just slowing the pace of life a little. Well until I order a drink and realize I’ve got a text to come home. So, after chugging down the milkshake, absolutely legged it home, picked up the money I’d forgotten this morning and raced back to get to the hairdressers on time. So I walked in and naturally, everyone was there with their perfect hair and me with my hair as split as a banana on a barbecue and I think a little part of the hairdresser died inside when she saw it.  Anyway, cycled back, wolfed down my tea and out to do some printing and photocopying at my Dad’s work.

It struck me that so many lives are just so fast nowadays, so many going past without us really seeing them. Always onto the next thing, before you’ve time to appreciate the last.I often think about this, lying awake, listening to my clock ticking. Hearing the seconds go by, another second you wont get back, another second you can’t do anything with, another second you’ve spent lying awake contemplating this when you could be asleep. Because this is the oldest you’ve ever been, but the youngest you’ll ever be again.

I’ve decided I want to live in France or Spain, where it’s all so chilled. Here, have a siesta, chill in the pool, it’s all good, we’ll get round to it. Or even Ireland, that’s where I really want to live. It’s all cider, shamrocks and leprechauns, how can you be anything but chilled, there’s a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow over there, it’s all singing and dancing.

So, thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to read this, because I just managed to squeeze it in, but now it’s off to my dance lesson 🙂


All creatures great and small


Spiders. I’ll admit it, they scare me senseless. You know the ones I mean, the big black ones with big black legs, probably infesting your house right about now too because apparently now is the season for them all to just invite themselves in and take a lodging.

There they are, just sitting, or hanging in that smug unnerving way when you can’t really see what they’re hanging from, just waiting. Waiting to suddenly run across the room, when you’re least expecting it, on their eight legs, which if we’re being honest, is just showing off  because no one needs eight legs. And eight eyes, what’s that about? It’s just unnecessary, so they can keep sight of you from every angle.

So, they run across the room, and that’s when it’s all over. You could deal with it when you could see it. Now you can’t. You now know it has the potential to move at lightning speeds, appear wherever it pleases, hang, looming over you on near invisible bungee chords. You’ve seen all his tricks, now the only thing you can’t see is him. He could be anywhere and all of a sudden the floor becomes a giant game of hot potato.

It’s you against the spider. You have size advantage being about a billion times bigger, but he definitely has invisible ninja advantage. Whichever bright spark once said “they’re more scared of you than you are of them” was clearly off their heads because he’s making a reappearance now, ready to confront you at all costs and there’s nothing you can possibly do. You can’t go near it for fear it might eat your face. He’s definitely got the upper hand now. Many of us just go for the common tactic of trying to get as high as possible and making sure our feet aren’t touching the floor, which, quite frankly, is ludicrous as spiders can climb walls and chill on the ceiling looking at you thinking “hey hey, try and catch me now”. But of course you don’t because you might anger it, and again, it might eat your face.

To be honest, I have no idea why I’m so scared of the things, when even I’m quite significantly larger than them and it’s not like I’m scared of any other mini beast or even big beast for that matter. And I don’t think I’ve ever woken up to find myself sat up and slapping my arm to get rid of any other creature. Then of course, when this imaginary spider wouldn’t go away, I had to turn on the light, shake out my bed sheets, well, only until I realised what an idiot I was and fell back to sleep. But these ones are unnatural, the way they move, their excessive number of body parts and the way you can’t see any of their features, just a big blob with extensive little legs. It has to be said that during the time of creation, they weren’t God’s finest hour. And there’s one waiting just outside my window now. Just waiting for the morning when naive, forgetful little me comes along, minding my own business, greeting the day and stupidly leaving the window open for an unexpected greeting later…

Good friends are hard to find…


So, just starting college and what everyone wants to do is make friends. But, there are a few things to take into account when putting it into practice.
First of all, choosing the right table. This is crucial as I found in English language when I discovered there were plenty of lovely people in my class however I seemed to pick the deafeningly silent table. You can hear a pin drop on that table and it’s pretty hard to make friends when no one says a word. And now I’m stuck. Everything comes down to the initial picking of the table.
Then of course, once you’ve picked the table, there’s always who you’re going to sit next to. As I found in biology. It’s nice to sit with someone enthusiastic for the subject and well my new friend is the exact opposite. She sat down, and the first thing she said to me was “I hate biology, I don’t even know why I took it.” Good start. It was the second day, last lesson and she continued with “urgh, I’ve had all my bad lessons today” – love, you’ve had all your lessons today. So, in all honesty, my biology-hater friend isn’t exactly the greatest lover of life and having got to know her a bit better over the last few lessons, she is in fact, not particularly enthused for anything.
I have made one good friend though. Another important thing in friendship, always remember to introduce yourself. We’ve been getting along really well, lots to talk about, in fact, we’ve been friends for about a week now, definitely too long to ask her name.
Then again, you could get on with the teachers. One teacher in particular started sending everyone emails about a new concert band telling people to reply if they wanted to join, which I didn’t, because I didn’t. However, this teacher had other ideas and seemed to think I must be mistaken and secretly want to join. To solve this, he decided to seek me out in my literature class and hunt me down. Not only is he pestering me like the plague about this concert band, I’ve now ended up in his choir. It’s fair to say he’s onto me…
So, that’s me, settling in well to college, getting to know everyone there 🙂

Four Friends Cosily Camping


Yesterday, I took a long trip down memory lane all the way to the shed at the bottom of the garden. Back in the good old days, me and my three friends used to meet up four times a year, for each of our birthdays, and have a sleepover together, sharing secrets and sweets and just good times. And as we made our way into the what seemed to be significantly smaller shed last night for a reunion sleepover, we reminisced about old times and the last night we all spent in that shed…

We all went round for my friend’s eleventh birthday and when we got there, we set up camp. In the shed. Back then, the shed seemed like a whole other house, a cool place for hanging out, for just us. We had all had the same idea of bringing a midnight feast and so ended up with five large selection biscuit tins full of sweets. After tea and cake and the usual party happenings, we all squashed into our sleeping bags (although with no actual intention of sleep) ready for bed, while our friend’s Mum went through with us how to close the shed door. But everyone knows how to open and close a door, right? Or so we thought. And so it’s fair to say that none of us really paid any particular attention.
After a lot of chatting that night, someone decided we all should all go for a bit of late night trampolining, as you do, and a toilet stop. All was well and we made it across the garden and to the house with minimal noise and calamity, but the issue came when we got back to the shed. As it turned out, the shed door was actually a lot harder to close than we first thought. We all took it in turns to try and close the door but it was no use. We actually made quite racket shaking and slamming the door and that’s when our friend’s Mum came down. It was dark. We couldn’t see who it was. We weren’t expecting anyone. Scared us all senseless. It was fair to say, she wasn’t impressed. Can’t blame her, we had just woken her up in the middle of the night over a door. She quickly shut it for us and went back to the house.
It was coming up to midnight now so we stayed up chatting before cracking out the excessive midnight feast. We all just ate and ate, but there was no way we could get through it all. Chocolate, strawberry laces, maoams, we had the lot. Not surprisingly, I felt a little sick from the feast, but there was only one problem. In order to sort out this issue out, a trip to the house was required.
Actually, I lied. That wasn’t the only problem. There was a shadow at the door, and being small, naive children, we thought it was a vampire. You know, because that’s the natural conclusion you come to when seeing a shadow.
So, being the clever, courageous kids we were, we thought the only way to consult this problem would be to go outside and see for ourselves. However we were all terrified of closing the door or waking anyone up again (because that’s top of everyone’s priorities when there’s a vampire outside). So there was only one option. The window. Yes we all climbed out the small window at the side of the shed and with a bit of help from one another, and crafty teamwork, we all made out and back in alive.

So yesterday, goodness knows why, we decided to relive this. What fun we all had staying up in the shed. The old, creaky, but much-loved shed. Hours and hours spent reminiscing. We even had an old friendship book we used to write in each time with stories and drawings and quizzes about ourselves. Letters we’d written, dreams we’d planned and all was brought back, revealed and read out out at our reminiscing rave. I’m not usually one for staying up to the early hours of the day, and I’m not sure if it was the sugar or the excitement of the stories, but at five o’clock in the morning, we weren’t even tired, and as we busily shared bucket loads of laughs, I knew this was friendship to last 🙂

Congratulations and Celebrations


Quarter to ten yesterday morning, I left my house and a car journey, two trains, a tube and a little walk later, I got to witness the most special day for a couple of friends. Up in Cambridge I had the pleasure of attending an absolutely beautiful wedding. I recently watched a film that said the best part of a wedding is the groom’s face as the bride walks down the isle and as I took a sneak peak I’m not sure if I can say I’ve ever seen anyone happier. The bride looked drop dead gorgeous in her stunning dress, covered in elegant sequins, each sparkling like the grooms eyes and all that. Absolutely radiant, glowing and gliding down the isle. I couldn’t help smiling myself, I love weddings, such a happy occasion, well that and the fact I had a meatball sub for lunch.

It struck me that there’s so much I didn’t even know about weddings, like when we were buying the present, this may seem obvious to many and more experienced, but apparently there’s a difference between white wine glasses and red wine glasses. Something about the different smell of the wines. Because a different shape in glass will make all the difference in taste. And how which half of the party you know determines which side of the church you sit on. Separated like a football match and although we all know it’s not a competition, it was fairly obvious the bride was winning. So, knowing both of the soon-to-be wed, I then had to make the crucial decision who I liked more. In all honesty, I’m not even sure who’s side I took, I just grabbed one of the few people I knew and sat with them as I figured being one of the special few that was personal friends with both members of the couple, I could sit wherever I liked.

As I made my way back to the train station, I contemplated how much their lives had changed compared to everything else. We walked past the same people playing their cricket match in the park and the same man serving people in Subway and it was almost like time had stopped since we got to Cambridge just a couple of hours before and yet our friends were in a whole new world.

Getting back off the train however was a whole other story. We arrived at Twickenham Station just after the first two premiership rugby matches that day at Twickenham stadium. Talk about traffic. Looking out of the train window was just a wall of people ten rows deep with no way out all wanting to get on the train I wanted to get off.
Elbows out ad off I go…
Not to mention our lift back was from Twickenham stadium, so we ended up walking back in the middle of the road, three people against sixty thousand. Now I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried to walk the wrong way down the road against a constant flow of rugby fans but it isn’t easy. We definitely brought a whole new meaning to going against the flow.
Anyway, even after a ten and a half hour day trip with eight and a half of those hours spent travelling, it was a lovely day and I wish a lifetime of blessings to the happy couple. Congratulations! 🙂