Monthly Archives: June 2012

Free as a bird


After suffering the confinement of the sweaty, hot, smelly sports hall for the best part of four weeks now, it feels absolutely amazing to have to sweet release of freedom. Exams. It’s true, there were ups and downs and, well, here are just a few…
I’m not going to say I found the exams easy, but I think it’s safe to say there were few things I had worked out before going into the exam like in the English when we all got informed in the instructions at the beginning that we are reminded for the use of good English. I mean, were there really people sat there thinking “God, if only I’d known that earlier, I would have revised!” And then there was the maths paper, now it’s also safe to say that Iv’e never seen the words “math error” come up in so many times in my life than in that hour and forty five minutes (although it wasn’t that that bad – I did get the occasional syntax error), but I do enjoy it when the examiners spend the early part of the exam just checking we can indeed use our calculators. “Type this into your calculator and write down all the figures on your calculator display.” I admit we may not all be statisticians and accountants, but we can at least type!
But it doesn’t even matter. School’s out. Bring on summer. Over 2 months of, lets be honest, nothing. So now we wait. Wait until the truth of our abilities is revealed, but for now it’s over. And aren’t I glad. The sweet release of freedom is here. 🙂