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Saturday morning jack hammer


I love spending time with my family, I love meeting up with friends, but one time I cherish above all is a Saturday morning lie in. Well today, I was having such a great day … until I got up. Maybe I’d like mornings better if they started later but this one was neither late nor enjoyable. After a night of insomnia, mind swamped with thoughts, tossing and turning until early hours of the day, the last thing anyone wants is to be woken by a freaking jack hammer at half past seven in the freaking morning. That’s right, you know what it’s like, you’ve got a lot on your mind, a screaming headache and the only thing you want to be thinking about is sleep, even when it seems far from likely. Well, seven thirty on my precious Saturday morning, the builders arrived. They arrived and decided to demolish the conservatory at non existent times on a Saturday with a jack hammer causing my eardrums and the house to vibrate all because the builders wanted to scoot off to a Saints game in the afternoon. Nice way to wake up I think. 

However, it wan’t all doom and gloom; my parents felt guilty that I had been woken up in such an outlandish manner that I got breakfast in bed. Yes, bacon sandwiches and orange juice brought to my bed, life was once again stored to it’s natural balance 🙂


Craaazy times, Craaazy money


Just imagine your school. My Dad revisited his school not too long ago and took a trip down memory lane…

As he watched students walking down the terrace from class to class he thought to himself “wouldn’t get that 30 years ago”. That’s right, just 30 years ago, my Dad was caught walking down the terrace in school before reaching the grand authority of sixth form. Now heaven forbid a “badge boy” ever caught a youngster walking down the terrace. But they did. And my Dad suffered the consequences. The cruel, unforgiving consequences thought up by the badge boys. You may think you have it tough scraping chewing gum, my Dad stood and watched the badge boys playing darts. From behind the board. That’s right, my Dad was made to hold a dart board in front of his face as the badge boys played. Bet he wasn’t in a hurry to peer round and see who was winning. Now where exactly does health and safety and risk assessment come into that situation? And if you think writing lines is bad at school, my Dad was caught again. He had to write a 1000 word essay on the sex life of a ping pong ball. And if he didn’t? Well any student failing to meet prefect obligations went straight to the masters office for the cane.

It’s not all bad though, it has it’s assets. Unbelievable historical importance. over 200 acres of land for 700 pupils. (The average student walks approximately 4 miles a day just walking from class to class around campus). It’s recently found to be home of an original watercolour painting worth £250,000. School trips? Well aside from cricket tournaments in Shri Lanka, scuba diving in Australia and Egypt and a brass band playing for the international 6 nations rugby match, they also have helicopter lessons and much more. It’s a good school. So what’s the catch?

It’s an independent private boarding school; the real posh stuff. Which only means one thing – you’ve really got to fork out to go there. It’s a secondary school and sixth form and we worked out, to send me and my sister there for the full seven years, it would cost the grand total of nearly half a million pounds. That’s just insane. What with £23,000 a term per child plus £23 per night to board, not to mention the added cost of food etc. But don’t fret if you’re reading this and thinking no-one has that kind of money, there’s really nothing to worry about because once you get to your third child at the school you get a much deserved and I’m sure much needed ten percent discount. Yes, that’s going to make all the difference. I guess it’s not all pay pay pay after all. 🙂

Wake up and smell the coffee


I’ve come to the conclusion, some people just aren’t normal. That time came when it was once again the teenagers turn to serve tea and coffee after a church service. The joys. Usually we try to get on with it with minimal hassle and effort but one lady today decided to play with our patience more than others.

 She approached the hatch like any other and put her request in for coffee. However being awkward coffee lady, she requested decaffeinated. Yeah, because that’s going to keep you going through the day. Nonetheless we willingly got out the decaf just for her and took a teaspoonful. When she saw this her eyes widened, she started impatiently tapping on the counter and giving us that look old people use to say you’re doing it wrong without opening their mouths.

We looked at her apologetically and she replied saying she wanted half a dozen granules of coffee. We thought she was joking so tipped half the spoonful back into the jar. Her breath got shorter and shallower, her eyes got wider and wider and then the two most ridiculous words spouted from her mouth: “count them!” And naturally after this absolutely preposterous proposal we obliged because being two young and naive teenagers, we have absolutely nothing better to do with our time than to spend it counting out the coffee granules for old ladies. I mean wake up and smell the coffee lady! – some say “life’s too short for bad coffee’s”, others say “good friends know exactly how you like your coffee” all I can say is your life isn’t getting any longer and nor do I want to be your best friend…

However, I never thought I’d say this, but going to asda after really did brighten my day. Here’s how to make a profit on a supermarket exchange. First you find a good bargin, for me it was DVDs £10 each or 2 for £15, therefore making them £7.50 each. Take advantage of this offer. I did this and realised my friend already had the DVD I bought her. Take back one item. I took back the DVD to find some not in the deal for only £5. When making the exchange, they scanned the original DVD for £10 so they made the exchange of my original DVD for the new DVD and £5 cash, it was only £2.50 but it made my day. 🙂 

Hello world!


I’ve often thought about blogging but always thought my life just wasn’t interesting enough, so here it is, the boring blog of me. I’m probably going to run out of things to say so if you have anything you want me to talk about or if you just want me to shut up feel free to leave a comment and I’ll se what I can do. Happy reading 🙂